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My niece Jasmine.

When it comes to haircolor, there are usually concerns for women planning their pregnancy. I am no doctor, so I leave the decision up to the client and their doctor to decide weather or not to color their hair. There are different options for women with grey hair versus women without. Here is a basic breakdown on hair color:

It takes permanent color with ammonia and peroxide to cover grey hair 100%. Demi-permanent colors, which have a low level of peroxide and no ammonia most times, are less harsh on the hair but will BLEND greys when used with heat. So, the safest is a vegetable-based color

like Sebastian Cellophane's which has no ammonia or peroxide, but, as a result, will not blend greys well. This color was big in the early ‘90s. One of my favorite choices was Redality. It comes in several different shades, gives great shine, and is even safe for kids.

If you have highlighted hair and are afraid of not being able to highlight during pregnancy, start introducing low lights into your color. Instead of going darker dramatically, you can ease into the process, while still having a lighter feeling. As you gain weight, putting lowlights around your face will have a slimming effect

Some of the demi-permanents I know are: Color Touch by Wella, Herbatint, Dia color by Loreal, Color Wear by Alfaparf, and Shaes EQ by Redken.

It comes down to this: consult your doctor, not your hairdresser, on this one.


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