Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As we have all heard, there are countless opinions on hair, hair growth, hair loss and tools for styling your hair. Here are a few of those and my views on them. I hope this to be informative and to clear the air on any doubts you may have.

1) Flatirons are bad for your hair.

In the hands of a skilled stylist, flatirons are fine. I love using them. You must always do a proper blow dry. Then apply some heat protection product. Work on thin sections of hair at a time and take your time. The idea is for the style to last longer. The problem comes when you try doing daily touch ups, which are very bad for your hair.

2) Never pluck your grey hair more will follow faster.

Honey I don't think so. I just started getting them and I have declared war on those suckers.

3) Use heat on your highlights.

If your hair color is black virgin hair then a little heat won't hurt it. Everyone else! A little patience and you will get the color you want without the damage heat can cause your hair.

4) You should never shampoo every day.

True, but I just do not feel clean and fresh if I don't shampoo my hair. Instead of shampooing your hair every day, try rinsing your hair and using a light conditioner in between days when you shampoo.

5) The razor is bad for your hair.

If the razor is in the hands of some razor toting, razor happy sicko, then I would agree. In the hands of a skilled stylist, however, the razor is an amazing tool that changes lives, literally!!

6) The bigger the hair, the closer to god?

Well, Lady Bunny and Ru paul must be a saints!

7) Balding is not sexy.

Who you talking bout Willis? What is not sexy is a man who tries to overcompensate for balding.

8) You must have dirty hair to apply hair color

Wrong! My darling Eva Scrivo taught me well and that statement we have proven wrong many times over. It is like painting a dirty wall. The coverage is poor and so is the out come.

9) Foils are better than Baliage.

They are both great. It depends on your hair type and color which one is best to use. Before using Baliage on your hair, make sure your stylist is trained and knows what they are doing.

10) Perms are out.

I did a perm on a young lady last week and she looked fantastic.

11) Drug store products are all bad.

Darling, please don't listen to the lies. Some products found in drug stores are not only economical, they also work really well and are great for your hair.


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