Sunday, May 10, 2009


1) A consultation before your service - This an important time to connect with your stylist and discuss what changes can be made to your existing style or problems you may have had with the previous cut or color. When your hair is wet it’s a little too late.

2) Clean brushes and combs – Yes, it is possible to get this from your stylist. I do it! The worst thing is to see a hair stylist pick up a brush with hair from 17 other people and their dog. I think this is worst than using someone else's tooth brush :)

3) Clean environment - Hell yes!! Stylists get your act together. Get to work early and make sure your salon is to your liking. No one wants to sit in a chair that is covered in hair clippings from previous clients.

4) Great magazines - Buy proper magazines that can inspire and motivate. We can read about which celebrity was found with a crack pipe another time.

5) The latest techniques - There is a world of knowledge out there that can make the biggest difference in your hair. So ladies if you see your hairstylist constantly picking up the thinning shears you know there is a problem.

6) Options for change with every visit - This keeps it fresh and separate the stylists that are bored with their jobs from those who really care about you image


1) Bad breath - Like hello can someone say Altoids!! (smokers beware)

2) Dirty tools - This is enough for you to get up and leave the salon. I would!

3) Hot pants - Child, I’ve seen them in the salon and it is not cute!!

4) Blowing on your neck - Men if you see a hairstylist blowing your neck to remove bits of hair, bitch slap them.

5) Trying to sell products you don't need - I always say to my clients "this is what I use or recommend for your hair type but ultimately it’s up to you to decide."

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Anonymous said...

i want to know which celebrity was caught with a crack pipe!!

antonio gonzales said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Antonio,
how long should the consultation take?
Thank you

antonio gonzales said...

It should take at least 10 minutes. Till you feel satisfied with moving forward.

Thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the answer :)

Stylist said...

Thanks for the tips that you have given to us. Its really a very useful tips. Thank you very much.

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