Tuesday, June 15, 2010


When my client (and friend), Leah, asked if I would do her hair for her destination wedding in St Martin, I couldn’t help but yell yes before she was finished asking. Not only was I fond of Leah, I was so happy that she found her match and honored to be included in celebrating their special day in the Caribbean. I had never visited the island of St. Martin but I had been to other Caribbean islands to work for other weddings (St. Johns, St Thomas and St Kitts). Coming from Trinidad and Tobago, I'm always excited to see how my West Indian brothers and sisters live.
With bags packed and bridal kit in tow I was off to the airport. As the plane landed in St Martin, I was amazed by the crystal clear blue waters and the amazing landscape. I rushed off the plane to be greeted by smiling faces and a very courteous taxi driver. For a second, I thought it was a bit early for these people to be hitting the cocktails, but these were genuinely happy people. No rum needed (not at least until later anyway). As we drove through the Dutch side of the island to get to the French side, everything seemed very familiar. The architecture, hills and people waving at the taxi was all like scenes I had experienced before. As we approached the hotel, I was happy to see that it looked just as the images did on the website. It was beautiful indeed.
The greeting from the reception was slow and sweet. You had no choice but to slow down and embrace the smiling faces and sip a Rum Punch (fruit punch in my case). From the first night, I knew this was certainly worth writing about and wanted to share with all of you future brides-to-be this magical place and all the people who made it possible.

The bride was very clear on what she wanted and it was important that she looked like who she is today, not an idea that she had when she was 10 years old. In other words, there would be no Cinderella hair.
Engel Baron Events totally pulled this important day together with out a single problem. They arranged the flowers and even went to the flower shop when the flowers arrived by boat to make certain that it was exactly what the bride wanted. They also sent us off on a boat trip to a small island and took care of all of the details from pulling the entire wedding party together at 9am and getting us all on our designated boats.

It even seemed like they made a deal with the rain gods to stop the previous two days of rain providing us perfect weather for the day of the wedding.
Great job guys!

Talk about a talented hard working team. I've had my full share of destination weddings and these guys were amazing with beautiful images to show for it. Rain or shine they loved capturing images of Leah's special day and it showed.

I was then sent the information for the Hotel where the wedding would be held and where we stayed and instantly started doing my research. The Hotel was the Radisson in the French side of St Martin and online it looked beautiful. Whoever designed this hotel deserves a pat on the shoulder. Talk about a job well done. The rooms were spacious and modern with colors that were easy on the eye.
The grounds were full of flowers that were well pruned and the staff was as warm as my island people could get. I visited the beautiful hotel spa and spoke to Estelle Germain who was in charge. She gave me a tour and we discussed all the services they offered. From Indian to Thai massages and a full manicure and pedicure salon, they even brought in hairstylists to help with the family of the bride and groom. In a nut shell (or sea shell) the hotel was fully equipped and if they did not have something, they made it happen without a hassle.



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