Friday, April 1, 2011


Moving to Miami I was certain about two things: the ocean was awaiting my arrival and I was going to make a difference in Miami through beauty one head at a time.

When I say make a difference, I'm not talking about the usual cut and color for the usual clients. I mean giving freely of myself and helping women understand their inner beauty is their individual beauty. I believe, once women discover this truth, appearance and beauty come into alignment and their individuality shines.

Through a fabulous new Miami friend, I heard about Casa Valentina; a non-profit that helps young women when they turn 18 and are cast out of the foster care system to fend for themselves.

After doing some research, I discovered just how painfully difficult life can be for these girls. I knew I had found a group of kindred spirits who could benefit from learning that beauty equals "individuality" and what makes someone unique should be celebrated.

In a world where the focus is our outer appearance, I feel it’s my duty as a beauty professional to let these young ladies know that there is more to self-love than the outside.

And so I spent a blessed evening with them all crowded around. As I shared with these lovely ladies, I reiterated my personal belief (and personal experience) that true beauty is still skin deep! Needless to say the girls and I had a blast!! We shared all. We laughed, we related and we listened to one another’s struggles with appearance.

I left that evening filled with positive energy, hope, a renewed commitment and a date to return for another lovely night with all my new friends.

I am so grateful for this experience. So readers, please take this small example of how we can all make a difference, and I hope you challenge yourself to go out into the world and help a fellow man or woman (no matter what your occupation).

As Gandhi once said, be the change you wish to see in the world.


Holika said...

you seem to be a beautiful person...

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