Tuesday, July 26, 2011


On the Train, on the bus or on the beach, its curls, waves, curls!!!! I am forced to repost this article to once again show the birth of a style that women of all races have embraced. The problem is that the fad is long gone and we need to let it die a natural death...

Hairstylists if your clients are asking for waves of this type be upfront, tell them that the look is dead and should be left alone. I know its not easy to deny a client a hairstyle that she (and her girlfriends) think is the trend. As a friend of mine said, once its a trend its old news!!

There are many versions of this style that are still safe to play with, but remember the messier the better. I wrote this article over 5 months ago, so if you forgot here it is(for the last time).

Minding my own business on the Q Train last week I noticed something interesting. Three girls were sporting the same hair do. All three of these girls were actually of different ethnicity which I thought was really cool. The look was longer hair with waves starting around the cheekbone area and gently falling around the face to the ends.

How sweet (I thought to myself) all these sisters are working the same look. It’s a look that's really easy to re-create but my only concern is that it’s already being over used on reality shows. Can I bear seeing every woman of all ages wearing it in NYC as well? It got me thinking so I started doing my research. When did this look go mainstream?

Well to my surprise as I looked through countless styles over the years it brought me to this image which was done by Orlando Pita in 1997.

Three years later Orlando Pita did Madonna for her music album and did these gorgeous waves that really matched her country and western style.

It seems like this style has changed a bit and has since changed size curl while becoming a little more coiffed (this look is too done for my liking).

Since then following the feel of longer sexy hair, we created the following looks for Fashion week (with much guidance and help from Orlando) for Oscar de Larenta's fall collection which was reminiscent of Farah Fawcett meets Dynasty.

The same week we worked on the Diane Von Furstenberg fall show giving a more textured messy feel that was still sexy. Orlando's words were "no tight curls please!" (we all smiled).

One week after my Q train experience I'm at the salon and noticed a version of these two looks that pushed the limit with texture and sex appeal. And to my surprise guess who styled the hair? Orlando (smile). So now, a look that may have started over ten years ago is being re-vamped and its sexier than ever!

Ladies its all about texture. Try braiding your hair when you go to bed, in the morning take pieces of hair and style with your iron as usual. In other words, messier is better. Or you can even do your hair the night before with the curling iron and sleep on it, and before you leave home use some Elevate by Orlando Pita to give your hair that texture that only the beach and a good roll in the hay can give (without the salt or the straw). Even braiding the hair in smaller sections and going over it with a flat iron can create the illusion of a messier slept in texture.

I wish you all messy sexy hair this summer!


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