Thursday, May 9, 2013

Introducing Upcoming Fashion Designer Linda Abdalla

Recently I was approached by a young student at Parsons who was busy creating a fashion collection for her senior thesis. She explained that long-term, she was trying to launch her own line, but she'd also be very happy to work for a company that she believed in....and that she needed someone to help do hair for her project. I loved her passion and energy and found her incredibly inspirational, so I agreed to assist her during the shoot. Having loved the grunge inspired hair from Saint Laurent at Paris fashion week by Orlando Pita  , we decided grunge hair would perfect for her shoot.

Here's her story. 

First thank you for agreeing to do this. How long have you been attending Parsons?
 I have been attending Parsons for 4 years (7 months of those years spent abroad) 

Who or What inspired you to get into fashion?
I’ve always been interested in the arts when I was younger (drawing, painting, graphic design, photography) so attending an art & design school was inevitable. I also moved around a lot during my childhood and coming from my inherited (Sudanese) culture where there are regulations (or judgment) & connotations placed on what women vs men should wear, mixed with my western culture (being raised mostly in the US), their clash in values & identity or globalization in general is exciting to me and pushing those boundaries/limitations. 

Who are your favorite designers?
Alaïa, Yohji, Haider & Dries

What was the inspiration behind your collection?
Boxing (the sport) referencing the uniforms & environment of the boxers through a juxtaposition of fabrics & techniques using menswear patterns as a base 
Where is your favorite place to buy fabric?
In NYC: B&J, Libra Leather

Where in fashion do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Hopefully working for a company that I truly believe in whether it be in the US or abroad.
What would you say to any young person who is thinking about getting into fashion? 
Intern, Intern! Travel if you can, start sewing right away (whether it be taking already made garments apart and putting it back together) because knowledge of construction is important. Be humble, patient & curious.


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