Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From Runway To Everyday

 Sometimes we believe the fashion and hairstyles we see on the runways cannot be worn as part of our daily lives. It's true in some instances but not all. I know some of us will love to sport one of these to the office!!
 For Michael Kor's S/S 2014 runway show, under the watchful eye of Orlando Pita, we created a very natural, slept-in-messy bun with a loose fringe. The look perfectly matched the clothes, bringing a modern, sexy feel to his amazing designs.
Here are some tips on achieving this look.

1) Messy hair is key. Don't brush the hair, instead start with hair that's air dried or a couple days old.

2) Think volume at the crown of the head and fringe area.

3)Think texture, texture, texture!!

My model walked in with hair that hadn't been washed a couple of days and there was hairspray in her hair. This was perfect as there was some oil in the hair and the ends had some product build up.

 The only product I needed for this look is Orlando Pita's Revive Boost Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoos were created to remove oils from the scalp, now with amazing technologies they can add texture and volume.

Orlando's version is clear, so no color to worry about about and no annoying residue.
 Plus the price is amazing! 

 When applying the dry shampoo, spray it on the root area (not the scalp).
After spraying the hair, I separated it into sections )no brushing) and curled each piece vertically. 

 The fringe area was also ironed vertically with a light pivot or angle.

After curling each section, I lightly sprayed a little more dry shampoo through her hair.
Then I asked the model to bend over and shake her head, loosening up the ironed curls. To pin the hair in place just twist the entire back in a very informal way and add large bobby pins first, followed by smaller pins. The top was lifted back. I kept the volume in the fringe with hair falling in front of the face.


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