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Q: Are relaxers bad for the hair?

A: It's a chemical so where there is ammonia and sodium hydroxide, it will effect the surface layer of the hair. It opens the cuticle and changes the structure of the hair. So, it's important to know the better condition of your hair, the better the results will be and the healthier your hair will appear.

Q: Are some relaxers better than others?

A: Are some men better than others? Hells yes!! Relaxers have come a long way. They no longer need to fry your scalp and deplete gray matter. Some of the best relaxers I have used are:


Q: Is it safe for children?

A: Yes it is. It's really a matter of choice. Do you want to have your 12 year old child develop a complex about the features she was born with? There is enough time as an adult for one to do that on their own. (oops)

Q: Would my hair be perfectly straight with out any frizzing?

A: Relaxers generally come in MILD, REGULAR and SUPER, so you can have it relaxed with a stronger product and it can be really straight. Relaxers break down the structure of the curl but the frizzing is most of the times still lightly visible. Don't forget that naturally straight hair can have a light frizz on the surface as well, so this is where a styling product will be very helpful.

Q: Can men relax there hair and not look like Little Richard ?

A: Yes, men of all races can relax their hair. Sometimes he may just have very course or curly hair above the side burns which never blends with the hair cut. In these cases, the mild relaxer would be perfect to gently soften this area allowing the sides to blend well.

Q: Is it safe on color treated hair?

A: It depends, the answer generally is no, but as we know rules are made to be broken. If the condition of the hair is great after being colored that helps. It's safe on semi-permanent hair color, safe-ish on permanent and I will not do it on highlighted hair.

I hope that this Q & A was helpful. If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me via email @

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