Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I thought I would share some of my secrets on this style so you can get an inside look on what it takes to put a hairstyle like this together. My model has shoulder length hair which is pretty thick. When I twisted her hair up to get some idea for the shoot, her hair quickly disappeared. As a result, I decided to work with hair pieces to add length.

Hair pieces are typically very shiny so for both her natural hair and the hair piece to match I decided to use a clear cellophane treatment on her natural hair for intense shine. At this point, I busted in to my bag of tricks and brought out some luscious long black hair and, shazaam!! To achieve the look I put her natural hair in two low pony tails. Then I added long combed hair pieces with some already braided hair to her natural hair and with a puff of smoke there we have it. My inspiration was the strong sisters from the 70's with their black beautiful hair and fierce attitude.

I hope you like and I wish you great hair!


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