Saturday, December 27, 2008


Since I started guest writing for Antonio’s Blog, I have avoided topics about hair care products as this is Antonio’s area of expertise. At one of our recent gal pal lunches, he asked me to write an article about some of my favorite products so I thought I would speak about a few which have helped renew and reinvigorate my hair as it faces middle age. This task was easy for me as I have become a huge fan of Kerastase products, especially the Resistance line. Their Bain Age Recharge shampoo has actually recharged my hair. Prior to my switching to this shampoo, I had noticed increased hair loss at night while I slept. After switching to this shampoo, I have noticed there are very rarely hairs on the pillow in the morning and my hair is fuller and much richer looking.

Several years ago, Antonio gave me a Kerastase Age Recharge Hair Mask at the salon. You place this product on your hair and let it sit for ten to twenty minutes and then rinse out. I am almost positive Antonio had over booked himself and needed time to work on another client but whatever the reason I did not care. The way it left my hair softer and shinier, I immediately purchased this product and have used it twice a week at home since. For maximum results, place a warm damp towel on your head to assist the product in penetrating the hair shaft. Given how heat helps this product work magic, I have used the product on my hair in the steam room at the gym for great results.

While this hair mask is for individuals with more mature hair, I used it once on my 16 year old niece. She came to visit me and too many bad color jobs, over use of a flat iron and poor diet had left her once vibrant chocolate brown hair looking dull, damaged and lifeless. With one application and a few days of decent food, she was looking like a teenager again with radiant hair.

Recently, I have been using Kerastase Substance Constructive. This treatment not only helps fortify damaged hair, it also helps with styling. I place a few drops in my hand and apply to wet hair. I then style my hair and the product holds my hair in place until I touch it. The best part about using this product as a styling tool is at the end of the night, I run my hands through my hair and the product disappears with no heavy residue left on my hair. Also, if someone else runs their hands through my hair, they are not threatened with stiff razor blades slicing their hand.

Antonio also recommended that I try Kerastase Noctogenist Voile Nuit. This revitalizing treatment is used overnight to renew dull, tired-looking hair. I simply spray a few drops on my towel-dried hair before going to bed and the enriched formula nourishes and protects my hair from damage. In the morning my hair is refreshed and radiant with more vibrant color and shine.

Use of these products has helped me in my efforts to embrace my natural highlights. While they do not cover the gray hairs, they enhance the original dark brown color of my hair and increase the shine making my hair seem more vibrant. Try it for yourself and let me know if you agree.

Happy Holidays


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