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Hello--I hope it is alright to email you directly with my question. I am turning 30 in a few weeks and want a new look to make me feel great on the big day. I have long dark brown hair with lots of layers to bring out the natural curl. I do not want to change the total length of my hair, but I am ready for a change. I want something a little hipper while still looking put together. My biggest debate is whether or not to cut bangs. I have a pretty face, but also have a strong nose shape which I would not like to bring too much attention to. I have a fairly small forehead and a roundish face.

If you have any tips, I would greatly appreciate it. My hairstylist does a great job, but she does not have the best sense of what cuts flatter different faces. I usually have to spell out to her what I want and this time I am not so sure.


Great question. The way you described yourself, I feel like I know you. I have many pretty Indian clients with similar features. The trick is to cut the bangs off to the side opening up the forehead so it does not totally crop off the lower part of the face (making it appear to be heavier). The bangs must fall at a certain point on the face to be flattering, so it can soften the nose but be manageable. If the bangs are too long, the look will be boring and will make the face feel heavier. If they are too short, bangs can bring attention to your nose and make it appear more prevalent on your face. The right cut will address your concerns and as well as any roundness in your face.


Thanks so much for your response! I think I'm going to take the plunge. I really appreciate your generosity. It's so rare for someone to be so genuinely helpful.


I wish you great bangs!

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