Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Over the years I’ve used many volumizing products and have written about them all. As my career evolves, so does my knowledge of hair care products in general. Consequently, I’ve become less patient with products that promise the world, but fail to deliver.

Recently, I’ve been exposed to several products. Today, I would like to focus on one of these created by Orlando Pita in the T3-line. I’m excited to share with you a product that I simply cannot get enough of – PLUMP.

My first day working with Orlando’s team at Orlo, I turned to Joe (an extremely talented stylist) for a product recommendation. Without thinking twice he said, use PLUMP. The entire staff chimed in and quickly supported his opinion. It was represented to me as the “go to” product for blow drying most hair types.

The first client I had at my new salon is a close friend of mine and big supporter (actually, that’s how I describe all of my clients). Her hair was thick and 100% gray. With a wave of my magic wand, she was transformed into having a light brown base with golden highlights and well blended, rich lowlights.

Keep in mind that this was my first day at Orlo and I was nervous, especially since only one product was recommended for me to use. Needless to say child, I was sweating. So I sprayed through her hair and started working it. All I can say is that her hair began reacting as though I’d used the usual three products.

I was finally done – hugs and kisses were exchanged. What I liked most about it was the finish, the hold and the shine. It’s a practical spray, meaning that it does not dry quickly like a volumizing mousse would. It gives you enough time to get through an entire head of hair without panicking. It also….


It can be used on all hair types. On thick, coarse hair it’s amazing and for extra support add a little of the Boost styling set (another miracle creation by Orlando Pita).

On fine hair is when it’s at its best and it does not leave fine, highlighted hair feeling coarse.

The packaging of this product is sleek and clean. The information on the bottle is easy to read and boasts heat protection. I give this product my stamp of approval and so do my clients that have been using it.

I wish you beautiful, bouncy hair! When in doubt, PLUMP it.


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