Thursday, March 17, 2011


Among the many enrichment's I’ve enjoyed since my recent arrival to Miami have been my daily back-to-the-beach outings and the opportunity to become more involved with photo shoots and the unique artists behind them.

On a recent photo shoot for the talented Tina Wong, I was fortunate enough to meet the very talented photographer Samwell Oritz

From the first it was obvious the entire crew was in for a great ride as Samwell’s friendly creative input and generosity made it seem as if we’d all been friends and collaborators for years.

At one point Samwell caught our attention with, to many of us, was an exotic looking lighting set-up. His response to our questions was to offer to take our photos under his lights and give us each a personal example of the look he was going for.

Literally … minutes later I was presented with the photo you see here …

While I’ve never considered myself to be highly photogenic, I believe he has captured me in a way that allows me to see myself as others do … and I love it.

Here’s some more of Samwells’s work for your pleasure.


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