Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm sure you all remember having said that more than once in support of a friend or family member feeling beauteously inadequate. Having been tossed aside as a cliche, we're now bombarded with images of unattainable physical standards along with the pressure to meet them. Beauty has gone from existing in the eye of the beholder, to a matter defined by a microscopic few that, ahem, do not meet the standards they've set for you and me.

True Beauty

Sad as it is, as I compare life today to life as it once was, boys and girls are subjected to these physical pressures at seemingly younger ages; women are beginning to look the same regardless of ethnicity; plus size beauties are succumbing to the pressure to lose weight in an effort for marketability and social acceptance. The stories of people "selling their souls", the essence that makes them unique, in an effort to satisfy the mountainous appetite of the industry are endless. That being said, fashion and beauty standards and trends change just as the water crashes on the shore and recedes, creating its own unending feeding cycle. What does the industry eat? You (and me!).

This week I want to stop and acknowledge beauty in and of itself, for exactly what it is. True and everlasting beauty really does come from within. I feel strongly that true beauty is being comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself from the inside out. What I mean by being comfortable in your own skin is that you fully understand and accept yourself, as you are, with none of the extras. Sure, everyone would first choose to focus on what is imperfect about themselves, however reaching a level of security in yourself requires that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you learn to love yourself.It's difficult to separate feelings of authentic self love from the love of feeling part of mass culture, but feeling beautiful in a peasant dress when it isn't "IN" because you love the way it makes you feel is enough. There is no need to compare yourself to the Kim's and Victoria's of the world.

I suppose I feel so strongly about this topic because, once upon a time, I also felt ugly and inadequate. After much soul searching, I realize now that this life is the gift of journey and as I embark on it, each day, I learn different ways to love myself from the inside out. Through the years, I've learned to keep this in mind, as difficult as it is in my industry, and want to impart that knowledge to you, my friends. As a hairstylist, all I can do is make your hair look good. A great hairstyle can only go so far, and sooner or later even that fades. What I'm trying to say is that every effort to be the best you that you can be is temporary, YOU will always be all that is left and I want you to love what is the only constant in your life... YOU.

As I move forward, I intend to challenge myself to write to you about beauty from many different perspectives. I will still, obviously, be sharing my thoughts, tips and tools to help you achieve and maintain healthy beautiful hair, but ultimately I want it to reflect the beauty within you.

No matter what the fact is, and will always be, BEAUTY IS STILL ONLY SKIN DEEP!

Just be yourself
Don't listen to the lies.
Let it all out.
Let out your cries.

The insults are there,
"You're ugly"
"You're fat"
Truth is you are you
And that is that.

You may feel down
about your looks.
You're not a model
or a picture in a book.

But everyone is beautiful
in their own special way.
Be sure to repeat this everyday.


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