Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best Hair Gel

Why is it a simple product, like a good hair gel is so hard to find? Well that's why you have me, to be your human guinea pig and test what works and what does not.

I bring you the Phyto Strong Sculpting Hair Gel.  
I have fine, wavy hair that’s curly in some parts and tends to get frizzy along the sides. So I’ve been looking for a product that can even out the waves, holds well and leaves my hair shiny, minus the flakes.  As a hairstylist I am very picky with products and like you…it’s annoying to use products that make promises they can’t keep.

So during fashion week, I was given this gel to try and was very skeptical. But having liked other products from Phyto, I decided to give it a try.

I now use this gel religiously and I love it. After coming out of the shower I apply a quarter size of gel and comb it through.
If you have thicker hair, feel free to use more.

What I like about this gel is it will not make my hair rock hard, but the hold is great (no helmet hair). Then to change the look, I can easily brush my hair, breaking up the gel and have a softer look that still works with my haircut.  I like the ability to change my hairstyle at the end of the day before going out without having to wet my hair.

If you want it to last it last all day long (and into the night,) use the Spray De Coiffage to further lock it into place. Not to worry…you can still brush it for a softer look if you like. 

And to top to top it off, this gel is infused with a potent combination of revitalizing ginseng, vitamins B and C and a natural UV filter.

Loving it!!


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