Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review On Inoa Hair Color

The other day, a new client suffering from psoriasis on her scalp, came to have her hair colored. "Every time I get my hair colored, my scalp burns," she exclaimed. She also mentioned that they sometimes they add oils to the hair color to help ease the burning sensation.

Knowing that this client was going to have her hair colored no matter what, I told her I have a product for her, Iona by L'Or
éal. By now most you have heard about Iona and the mixed reviews. 

This client's base color was a level 7, so it was not too light. As I was applying the color, she felt a little tingle. But by the time I was done, she was totally fine. There was no visible redness on the scalp and all was well.

Since the color has been reformulated, I have recently come to like Inoa even more. The colors are beautiful, soft and fades well.

If you're going to try Inoa for the first time, the one thing to keep in mind is the application. It cannot be applied like regular hair color, as it does not swell as easily.

So if you're experiencing a scalp reaction from regular permanent hair color, try Inoa and you'll hopefully be very happy with the results.


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