Monday, March 4, 2013

Volunteering For Kids

One of the great things about teenage girls is their love of anything to do with hair and makeup. I recently experienced this excitement at a homeless shelter in our very own Brooklyn.

As I walked into the room, many of the young ladies greeted me with big smiles. We jumped right in to why I was there, discussing the pressures and frustrations they face to look a certain way. How daily the press and media backed by advertising, preaches their idea of whats beautiful . We then explored how each of them defined beauty and why. 

We also discussed the importance of individuality and ways to express it while understanding its importance.

In a world where women are encouraged to look like someone else, it is important to show these young ladies the importance of looking like themselves...with an added sparkle.

I showed them realistic practices on how they can look after their hair and skin along with the tools they can use. And we discussed the false advertising that the beauty industry sometimes promote. Afterwards I presented each girl with a gift bag of amazing hair products and tools. They loved it!!
A special thanks to Orlando Pita and Mr. Casson for their very generous gifts and to Melissa of Sweet Elite Cakes in Brooklyn. I called Melissa without and asked if she could donate cupcakes for the workshop and she responded right away with a gracious yes! Needless to sat, they were divine!

I look forward to the following workshop with the girls on March 25th. If anyone would like to know more about what I do please feel free to contact me. These smart beautiful girls deserve our support.

Love to all!


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