Saturday, June 15, 2013

Help For Beauty School Students at JP McCaskey High School In Pennsylvania.

I want to share with you all an amazing  experience I had with a class of students at a beauty school program at JP McCaskey High School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their teacher, Andrea Fitzgerald contacted me asking if I could direct her to someone that could help with supplies like hair brushes, blow dryers, curling irons, etc. so the students could get the proper training. She further expressed interest in more education for the students, but did not have the budget. 
Having attended a similar program (West Valley Occupational Center) in Los Angeles for my beauty school education, I related to the challenges they faced.  The first step was to get supplies donated. Having never done anything like this before I knew it would be a challenge, one that I was happy to take on.

The first company that came to mind was T3 Micro.
You see, T3 has been a regular sponsor for some of our favorite shows during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.
I love their products so it was a natural choice for me. I explained to these wonderful people at T3 the situation at the school and my willingness to help. I also told them that I would personally take the products to Pennsylvania, they were game!

Last week I traveled 3 hours  to Lancaster  with the donated equipment.
Here's a video which further explains my initial interaction with the Mrs Andrea Fitzgerald and our plans. 
Once at the school I saw the excitement in the kids faces. The workshop started  with an introduction of myself and my journey through the beauty industry. We discussed the the important things to do while in school that will help them after graduating. The simple things like constantly practicing on their mannequins hairstyles they see in magazines, or cutting the hair for family members and friends as soon as they can.  We talked about the importance of not losing your individual creativity. Beauty school training can be a standardized and rigid training process with so many "do's and dont's" being taught as guidelines to create a cut.
Here are images with the excited students with their new tools. They were beyond ecstatic!!!

 I followed this by doing a haircut and style using T3- Microfiber tools.

 I closed out my visit with a surprise bonus from Orlando Pita, who graciously donated gift baskets to the top two students, Michelle Gonzales & Nghia Nguyen with the best attendance. 
The students wanted to say a big thank you to T3 they are!!
Already I've received feedback from Ms. Fitzgerald saying, "The kids are super excited and anxious for my return!"

Well since my visit I'm even more committed to helping those in need. For those who are interested in seeing how they can help out, please contact me.

I want to once again thank Ms. Fitzgerald for contacting me and having faith to ask for help. And a big thank you to T3 for their incredible donation to the school program. And lastly a special thanks to Orlando Pita for his gifts to the two students who had the best attendance.


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