Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Calm Natural Skincare Helping Women At Homeless Shelters

As I continue my workshops for women and girls living in shelters, it becomes clearer that their is a huge demand for support to these ladies.
After doing several workshops with the women at Win around inner beauty and hair care, I started to receive requests to do some on skincare. I decided to reach out to several companies, but as I needed a high level of donations to meet the demand, finding a suitable match was not an easy task...that is until I met Jyl Bonaguro, founder of CALM Natural Skincare.

When I explained to my new friends at CALM Natural Skincare what I did with the families at the shelter, they instantly said yes. Within a week the samples arrived as promised.
I can't tell you how appreciative the women at the shelter were to receive the gifts. Everyone was given a cleanser, a moisturizer and a mask. During the workshop, we decided to bust open some of the products and give ourselves facials. :)

The first thing I noticed was the natural, clean smell...I mean it even looked edible. Sold in either powder or liquid form, they gently clean and moisturize skin. Their products are packed with over 60 natural ingredients, helping skin maintain its natural integrity and shine. Another great thing about CALM Natural Skincare is their love for the environment. The entire line offers refills to avoid increasing plastic waste on the planet and the packaging is "space friendly." Gone are the days of a few products taking all the room on your counter top or cabinet.
I can't thank the people enough at Calm Natural Skincare for the wonderful gifts they gave to these women, showing them that complete strangers do care.
For those who want more info, here is a video on the birth on Calm Natural Skincare and their line of products. And please, please, please if you become a fan, like their facebook page.


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