Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Five Basic Tools I Must Have For Fashion Week

As Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week approaches, my colleagues and I start prepping our kits for the main events. Every year we are led by Orlando Pita to showcase what's hot for this season.

As the years pass, hairstyles change and hair products come and go. Sometimes we discover new styling products and tools that work better than last year's favorites. Sometimes we find our favorite product is discontinued.

Here are five basic products that are a "Must Have" for 2013. So from my personal styling kit to yours.. here we go!

1) The Alligator Clip or Dragon Clip - To work at the speed we need to, it's important to get the excess hair out of the way and have it stay there. The alligator clip, (also called the dragon clip) is super strong. It holds hair in place firmly, allowing you to work on wet or dry hair swiftly. When the pressure is on backstage, the last thing we need is hair falling out of a clip.

Tip: When working on hair that's fine, a smaller clip with less tension maybe a better option. Also when styling hair that's already blown out and you're working in the hairline, I recommend duckbill clips. The last thing we want to create are indentations on fine hair with a clip that has too much tension. Working smart is equally as important as working fast.

2) Wooden tooth brush - Don't worry, this is not a time to worry about dental hygiene. This is for hair. ;)

When we smooth dry hair for an ironed look or a chignon, those pesky fly always can ruin a perfect finish and show up in photos. Using a tail-comb or teasing brush for this could disturb the finish even more. This toothbrush has very soft bristles so it helps polish hard to reach areas. Because of its size, it gets to the fine or short flyways without disturbing the rest of the hair.

Tip: At the end of every fashion season I wash mine with a strong detergent (liquid dish-washing detergent) compared to my daily hair brush detergent. (shampoo then barbacide)

3) Bungee hair elastics - I remember many years ago being part of a video demo, styling a ponytail with a regular ponytail holder. It was a bad idea.

Bungee hair elastics, when used correctly gets close to the head, without leaving a bump at the base of the tail. It's the only thing I now use. They not only hold well and are easy on the hair, they come in a variety of colors.

Tip: Be careful where you buy them. There are different brands for sale but the quality is not good. I get my supply from Paris, from co-workers who travel for shows there. I'm sure their are good ones in the U.S...they are just hard to find.

4) Super mate clips - I think hairstylists and clients alike have all run into this problem, clip marks in the hair when styling. If you're doing finger waves, working on the hairline (on dry hair) or pushing bangs aside to put makeup on, these clips are your best friend.

During fashion week, if we happen to do the hair before the makeup, chances are the hair will get in the makeup artists' way. So these babies are a must backstage or at home.

5) Wig Brush - When I have hair that's so thick and tangled and has to be on stage in 30 minutes, this brush comes to the rescue! It's perfect for a head full of extensions that's enough hair for three people. And if you're that client who loves to ignore your hair till the last minute, enjoying the tangled, textured hive, then you've met your match!
Tip: Don't let the name deter you. However don't let this take the place of your daily detangling brush. The wig brush is primarily meant for the situations mentioned above.
Well that's all for now folks! Stay tuned for images from New York City Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article :) What are the name of the bungees you use?

antonio gonzales said...

I wish I had a name, it came from Paris in a clear plastic bag:( A co-worker brought them for me, I'll ask where he got them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Ooo and I found these doing a search, can't wait to try them out :) http://hairbungee.com/hair-bungee-silicone

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