Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Product Review For Smiley360.com On Just For Men Beard Cover

Smiley360.com  recently asked me to take part in a survey using Just For Men beard cover. Having never colored my beard and already sporting greys, (which I've been plucking) I decided to give it a go!

As a hairstylist/colorist with an extensive male clientele needing hair color, I thought that I could put my color expertise to good use here.
Out of a total of 11 different color shades for free, I chose medium dark brown.  Knowing that color tends to have some red tones, I decided to do test on a small area of hair to see the results. 30% of my beard is gray. If you're totally grey, you will want to adjust the shade and tone. The shade is how dark it is and the tone refers to the tonal value, be it more red or brown.

Round 1 - I mixed the color as suggested in the little tray which was very easy. Because I'm not fully gray, I decided to brush the color only in my grey areas. As I expected it was brown with red tones. Often we see men walking around with reddish hair and beards. This is due to the color not having enough ash.

Round 2 - Knowing this I decided to mix the medium dark brown with the ash brown. The ash brown will control the red in the color, giving it a more masculine finish. I mixed the same amount from each, but this time I applied it more aggressively.The coverage was really good! Because I mixed the two shades, I was able to get a real brown without that reddish cast. My beard felt a little dryer and more coarse, which is the norm even when coloring the hair on your head.

 Below are some important tips to consider when coloring your beard.

1) Always add ash to your chosen beard color. Just for Men offers ash in different shades. Use them and you won't end up with a reddish beard in 2-3 weeks. If you have dark hair like me, choose any of the browns that you like and add ash brown.

2) When applying, be aggressive. The hair on the face is curly, coarse and thick. You need to get the color in there. I recommend brushing your beard to soften the hair, then applying the color.

3) If you're like me and have a certain amount of gray, try not to color the hair that does not need it. If you choose your color wisely, you should be able to get a nice blend.

4) After washing off the color, you may want to condition your beard. You condition the hair on your head so why not your beard?

5) When choosing a color always choose one shade lighter. Color that tends to work this fast tend to be darker.

6) When you need to color your beard the next time, I recommend doing in on the days that you trim your beard. Cut off the old ends that already have been colored. If you start layering old color on top of new color, it can end up getting too dark. Coverage is important, but you don't want to end up looking like Brutus from Popeye the Sailor.
 Added bonus- Guys I used it to color my chest hairs, it was great!

Just saying:)



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