Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Recent Work- From Runway To Everyday

These two looks are inspired by the hair from Carolina Herrera Fall 2014 RTW and Elie Saab from his haute couture show in Paris 2014. Both looks were originally created by Orlando Pita.

Look 1
The first look is a high chignon. I decided to alter the shape and technique a bit for everyday.

First I made a tight, clean ponytail. Using a packet of hair, I purchased at the Wig Shop on 14thstreet, I cut it in half without unraveling all the hair

 I pinned one half above the ponytail and one half below.
I then curled the hair with the T3 Body Waver to seal the cuticle adding shine and bounce to the ponytail. You can see it on the table:)

Next I wrapped the three pieces into a bun. It's very important to use hair pins as you work, as it's the only way you’ll have control.
After pinning the bun in place, you can literally squeeze the entire chignon into a shape that flatters you.

Look 2
The second style looks simple but was a pain in the ass! Lol! I'm not perfect… :)

I removed the bun, brushed the hair out and sprayed some Revive Dry Shampoo by Orlando Pita.

I started by taking a section from ear to ear (above the top of the head).

Next I flat-ironed the back section of her hair using my new SinglePass Flatiron from T3 and back-combed the crown for volume.

I made a short, clean center part. Then I rolled the two front sections about 2 inches above the ear. To get rid of the two pieces (or tails) of hair you're left with after rolling, simply pin them underneath the back section (at the back if the head.)

Looks good…however I need to chat with Orlando Pita to perfect this.

Photographer Jiyang chen
Makeup Gina Daddona


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