Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No More Perfect Curls with The Curling Iron

A recent hair fad that was embraced by women of all ages and races has finally come to an end. Long "pretty hair", with perfect waves (created by a curling iron) has been replaced by a more natural, fresh modern approach (amen)...

Yes it was fun when it started…however it seemed to suck the population dry of all individuality and personal style. With that fad behind us, I welcome the much needed change!

Now we’re seeing on the runways the use of extensions to create thickness at any length instead of adding hair to create an obvious unnatural length. Another fad is wearing your hair in a fabulous updo's which were also on the runways for Spring/summer 2014.

My model who beautiful as she is sweet was new to the industry, she had very long but fine hair, but the last 5 inches were fine. For her first look I purchased hair from Helena's in NYC and Glued in tracks to add thickness and density at the ends.

Look 1
The first look I kept very natural. I curled her hair using the T3 BodyWaver Iron and then brushed it out. Notice softer without all the tight waves and tendrils. For the women that can't wear their hair messy, this is a good option.

Look 2
For the second look I used a tiny bit of Phyto Texturizing Cream and ran it through her hair with my fingers. It helped her hair regain some of it's texture and added a messier look. Then I lightly sprayed it with Elevate by Orlando Pita and T3. I’m sorry to say, it's been discontinued so you won’t find it anywhere online. :(

Look 3
The final look is an updo that was inspired by the hair from Carolina Herrera’s spring/summer 2014 show.

This is a great look for women of all ages and all hair textures. Even with extensions in the model’s hair, I still was able to put it up.

Below are some quick tips on how to achieve this look:

1) If you have fine, straight hair I recommend adding volumizing spray to the roots & ends. Dry your hair with your fingers and make a center part to complete the look.

2) For curly hair that's fine, blow dry the middle part and the nape (the hair just above your neck line.) This will allows the areas that show to look clean, but then the natural texture will give you some fullness when the look is done.

3) For women with thick, coarse hair, first blow dry your hair and then apply a flat iron to achieve the final look.

These are great instructions to give to your hairstylist as well.

Stay tuned for more runway styles that you can transform into an everyday look!

Makeup By Gina Daddona


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