Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Working At Michael Kors Fall 2014

"California girl moved to NYC for the winter and she's been urbanized"  that's how Orlando described the hair for today's show.

The hair was messy. textured and chunky, (not frizzy, wispy or flat). Then a loose braid was done at the back and tucked at the nape. What I loved about this style and technique is it can be used on all hair types.
Now remember, it's a "hairstyle" so it will take some "hairstyling" to achieve this look. In other words don't think because it's messy you can just tool out of bed and do a braid and voila! No honey boo boo child, if your hairs curly blow-dry it and flatiron if necessary. If your hair is clean and silky, dirty it-up a bit.

Click Here to see the Products used to achieve this look!


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