Sunday, February 9, 2014

Working At DVF NYFW2014

As we arrived for the second show of the day, we were all excited to see what DVF and Orlando Pita had instore for us. As Orlando started the demo, he explained that this look was inspired by a ballerina rehearsing in a dance studio with a messy bun that was obviously done in a hurry, but with the power to stay in place. The bun was placed in line with the ear and cheek bones, directly at back of the head (not on top).

First, we started off by not brushing the hair, only raking through it with our fingers. Using only fingers allows for the hair to still look a bit messy and textured. 
Then we took an elastic and made a ponytail. We started twisting the tail of the hair into a bun.

However as the bun started taking shape, we intentionally pinned the hair along the way, distorting the shape from a perfect bun to a messier slept-in bun.


Several of the models had vastly different textures of hair and some were coming from previous shows with loads of product still in their hair. This made our job even more time consuming, as there are no sinks backstage to wash hair!
To complete the look, we used Biosilk Strong Hold Finishing Spray to take care of any fly-aways and voila!

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