Sunday, November 25, 2007

MEN'S HAIR: What's Age Appropriate?

This is such a touchy topic because there are so many men that are walking around with someone else's hair or a hair style that should never have happened(and have yet to be told of their offenses)!

Men of a certain age (generally between the ages of 40-60) seem to hold fast to the hair styles of the 80's. Unlike most women within the same age range, these men are unable to let go. If you feel that you may be one of these culprits, here are some tips to get you started on your NEW, FRESH, MODERN hair style.

- Look at any teen magazines for your hair style
- Try to recapture your look from 20 years ago. You are aging and your hair should age with you!
- Overuse hair gel or styling produts, especially to create slicked-back/ spiked hair styles. These styles are not age appropriate nor are they creative.
- Buy boxed hair color to color the entire head and leave your sideburns gray. This is NOT're fooling no one!
- Try a mini comb-over with out consulting with a comb-over specialist (FYI...there are none!)

- Look around for styles you like. These may be at your place of work, on the street or at your favorite restaurant.
- Ask your significant other what he/she thinks about your hair.
- Find fashion magazines that are age appropriate for hair styles.
- Embrace a creative hair stylist. Haircuts are created with more than just clippers and a comb. Be open. If you are unsure about a technique, ask your stylist.
- Dispel the myth of the 20 minute haircut. A great hair cut takes time. The whole myth of a 20 min men's haircut is just that, a myth!
- Embrace hair lost by wearing shorter hair styles and changing products.
- Consult a stylist about hair colors that are appropriate for you. Such as gray blending products that leave a percentage of gray visable.



Wild Hair Dude said...

Check out HIS MIX products. They work great on curly or frizzy hair.

antonio gonzales said...

I will,sounds great!!

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