Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Often in my conversations with clients, while I am recommending a new hair care product, the first thing they say is, "I already have so many products, and I never use them!" It's important to know the shelf life of your products. Most are only recommended for up to a year and a half. So, DON'T LET THE PRODUCTS THAT YOU HAVE STOP YOU FROM GETTING THE PRODUCTS THAT YOU NEED!

Remember that shirt that you found in the back of the closet that was once upon a time cute but now you could not bear to be seen wearing? Well it’s the same with hair care products. That dated hair gel or mousse is the weakest link, and must leave the room at once! There are times when I change the color or cuts of my clients, especially when changing to a new cut, I make sure to recommend a change in products. The new cut often needs different support. It is impossible to style a short haircut with products used to style a shoulder length haircut and vice verse. It is also impossible to duplicate the same style that is done in the stylist's chair with the wrong products or products not recommended to support the haircut. So take a deep breath, open the cabinet or where ever those evil old products are stored and give them to an enemy.

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