Friday, September 5, 2008



One thing that is intriguing to me is that there actually was a group
of women which never embraced the bob. I asked myself, why was this
true? So, after being bold enough to walk up to young women and ask
frank why they avoided the bob, the answers became obvious. Some said
they felt the style was introduced by a celebrity that they could not
relate to, while others had a bad experience with the cut. But, the
excitement around the short bob has triggered a wave of women that are
going real short.

I am now seeing a trend emerging with women in New York who want to go
past the bob in terms length. They are demanding very short hair!  For
me, this is so refreshing because It seems as though short hair comes
in brief phases in the U.S., but is a norm for most European women.
It's cool to see that the "American girl" is letting go of her long
hair and is demanding short, sexy hair.So often I hear beauty advice
about keeping your hair long to hide flaws, well why are we focusing
on the flaws in the first place?  Are we arr going to walk around
hiding behind layered long hair?  I don't think so!

 I remember attending a hair-cutting seminar in London where the
visiting students were all-American types (including myself). As I
looked at the seven women sitting in front of me, all I could see was
long, flowing sexy hair ( honestly some were not sexy at all) . But,
the educators were three fierce women with short, flawless cuts. The
focus was a great hair cut to flatter the shape of the head and the
face, so they were showing off necklines, jawlines and cheekbones.
Obviously if you wanted to find flaws you could  as you can with
anything you stare at long enough. But there cuts were amazing and so
were there attitudes supporting the cut.  Remember no matter how great
the hair looks, the personality will always leave the lasting

So find cuts you like in magazines or on line and the next time you go
to the salon, I hope I have inspired you enough to boldly ask for a
short, sexy and modern cut.

Copyright (c) 2008 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved


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