Wednesday, September 3, 2008


More on cellophanes

By popular demand I decided to write another article on Cellophanes by Sebastian. I have been using this product more often than before. Not only is it extremely safe for pregnant women, the shine is amazing. I am also personally tired of using glazes that contain small amounts of chemicals to add shine. If there is no grey to blend, why use chemicals?

This is how cellophanes are applied.

1) First I shampoo the client's hair well and then towel dry till about 70% of the water is gone.

2) I apply the clear cellophane from roots to ends with a color brush and then comb.

3) I clip the hair at the top of the head with a plastic clip and them cover with a shower cap or wrap with saran wrap.

4) I situate the client under the dryer for approximately 20 minutes and then allow five minutes for the hair to cool down.

5) After the hair has cooled, I rinse well and use a light conditioner.

6) The final step is to towel dry and style as usual.

Cellophanes come in many different shades which allow you to actually add temporary tones of color to your hair. They can be used after highlights or single processes. They can be used at the end of summer to add shine to dry, sun damaged hair and they are even safe for teenagers.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.


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