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Oh my goodness. I don't even know where to start ....
Early last year, I was one of the first people in my city to get the new "bob". So new, that I actually had to take pics of the cut to my stylist. fast forward - I saw everyone w/the same cut 4months later. I RAN to my stylist, and asked for the "Agness" cut. My hair has sense grown out to what I started with...the Bob. (Lord, help me.) I have naturally curly, thick hair, blow it out everyday, and I'm sick sick
SICK of this do. It has become my "don't".

Please help me as to what to do. I have had long hair my whole life until last year. I'm not familiar w/this "growing-out" phase (and I am loathing it.). Please tell me what options I have to be able to stay stylish and grow this out w/out looking like a soccor mom.

Thank you so so much!!

(in the Heart of Dixie)


I feel your pain. But don’t fear – help is here.

First, your instincts are right on. Thick and curly can easily become overwhelming, especially at this length. So as you move forward, you will need to apply all the tricks you have, including a variety of products and techniques. But it all begins with a good cut, right?


So working with the bob you have, the first step is;

1) Keep the length a little A-line, shorter in the back and longer in the front. Not too much longer, but just enough so that when you wear your hair curly the shape is a little flattering and not, as Simon says, MUMSY.

2) I would recommend a cut that's more square shape -- think of a shag, but not as short or choppy. This will remove any triangular shape that's in the hair when worn curly. Tell the stylist to cut the layers from the bottom up rather than the top of the head (he or she will understand what I mean).

3) What is the hair like around your face? If it's shorter, I would start working toward a longer shape, maybe a swooping bang. If it's longer, then maybe shorten it a bit, just so you can have the feeling of a little change in your style.

4) When styling, try not to scrunch, which gives unnecessary volume (and creates a whole different style). Try applying 2 to 3 of your favorite curly hair products by twisting the curls in place. So remember: twist, don’t squeeze.

5) Then diffuse your hair, allowing the hair to sit in place. DO NOT play with the hair while diffusing; that can cause frizzing, depending on the texture of you curl.

6) If you want to take this one step further, use a curling iron and take random pieces of hair and curl your hair. IMPORTANT! Do not hold the iron horizontally, or you may end up looking like ANNIE. Hold the iron vertically; this has a spiraling effect, which leave the hair against the face rather than bouncing off the head.

The question is, do you want longer hair again? The previous steps will allow you to
have a more modern look at this length and also give you the option to grow your hair out again Now if you must blow dry, have a look at this article I wrote for; you may find it helpful.

Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

I wish you freedom from the bob!!

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