Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm not going to get into the scientific reasons as to why it happens, but It happens to some of us at some point in our lives. What I will share with you is how to loose your hair without looking like you're trying to hide a Chihuahua. As our hair starts thinning and we start cutting our hair shorter here are some tips that men should consider, these tips will help you feel good about nature taking its course. (It could be worse, you could loose all your teeth!!)

1) Do not try to wear your hair in a faux hawk, thinking that you are being trendy. The faux hawk died a terrible death a few years ago. Not only is the style a bad idea, it does not work as a modern comb over.

2) Avoid strong gels that will make the hair clump together creating more spaces and further making the hair appear to be thinner.

3) Do not comb your hair forward like a Cesar cut. This style is also not a wise option and it once again looks obvious that you are insecure about your thinning hair.

4) Do not think that the same stylist you have had for years will still handle your hair best. Try someone new for fresh ideas. It’s all about you and what’s best for your hair at this stage in your life.

1) Start talking to your stylist and your loved one about going shorter and their thoughts. Your head shape might be perfect for a great super low cut.

2) Do get a hand mirror and take a look at what’s happening at the back of your head. Yes the front is thinning, but you can still focus on making sure that the back looks good and the stylist is not keeping your hair too long at the back to compensate.

3) Try using lighter dry pastes
or leave-in conditioners that are light enough rather than heavy waxes or gels.

4) Before you shave your hair off, I highly recommend getting a second opinion on haircut options. If you are very thin on top and really want to take the plunge, have a barber shave it all off and help you up keep your new look. Leave it to the professionals all the way.

5) You may even consider not using product.
I find that some hair types look thicker with no product at all in it.



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