Thursday, April 15, 2010


It’s very obvious that what’s happening on the runways for men's fashion and hair is hitting mainstream America by storm. With companies like Top Shop and Uniqlo dishing out looks that are current with designs from the runways, men are exposed to more options and are actually embracing them with ease. The same is happening with hair. Some years ago, it started with the Faux Hawk to the Mohawk. Then as the hair started growing it has moved to a version of the Pompadour. With the hair shaved at the sides and back and not as much height on top, but the focus on the heavy shine and lacquered look. Some men pushed it even further and are growing out the front really long so it can be worn back, front or off to the side.


On runways those who still sported the short sides and back with longer tops wore their hair textured with height to move away from the sleek look and give the appearance of length.


Guy's its time to prepare for the next trend. Are you man enough? Or should I say is your hair stylist good enough?? Across the world on runways it’s obvious what the next wave is, and this is a look that only the brave at heart will endure. Long hair is the latest trend and it’s not going to be an easy one to achieve. Although men who would never dream of wearing a Mohawk did, long hair is very different. This is a style that never made it before in mainstream America, well not like the shorter styles anyway. Designers like Dior,

Rick Owens,

and Louis Vuitton

are just a few of the designers that sourced models with longer hair and had their hair stylists add their magic to make this trend masculine and desirable.


If you are like me and are willing to go to any lengths to have long hair and be current for fall 2010 here are some tips to get you there.

1) If you are currently seeing a regular barber be sure that he or she is versed enough to take you through the short to long transition.

2) If you are seriously unhappy with the way your stylist is cutting your hair as it gets longer it might be time for a change. Get a recommendation from someone on the street whose hair you admire. (Dude! Who cuts your hair?)

3) A change of products will be the next step. My favorite products for men’s long hair are Plump by Orlando Pita and the Voile Protecteur by Kerastase. If your hair is heavier use the Plump with the Creme uv Defence Active by kerastase.

4) Shampoo your hair less as it grows. If your hair has more natural oils, it will be easier to manage.

5) Hairstylists think, masculine, masculine, masculine. Guys, it’s up to you personally to support the masculine style.

I look forward to seeing you on the streets with great hair. If all else fails, the next extreme is shaving your hair off.

Louis Vuitton


Rick Owens

That too is on the runways. (been there done that!!)


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