Friday, April 6, 2012


How many times have you left a hair salon with a bag of hair products and regretted it? How many times have you had the embarrassing feeling that comes with having to say no to products at the reception desk when they’ve already charged you for them? Or even worse, how many times have you just bought the products because of the pressure, even though you really can't afford them?

You may be asking yourself, how could he, a stylist, write about this? Well, why not? It is important that our clients get the products that will truly help their hair look great and stay healthy. It’s crucial that we stylists recommend what we know truly works best – not what works best for our bottom lines. Whether it’s purchased from the salon or online, what’s important is that clients get what they really need, as recommended by professionals.

Sadly not all hairstylists think this way. Here's a must-have survival guide, just for you, on how to make it through the product ambush alive!

1) First let me say that your hairstylist is the one who should be recommending products to you. Not the man at the health food store or the lady at your local pharmacy.

2) Before going in for your next salon visit, I highly recommend making a list of the products you have at home. When your hairstylist recommends a new product to you, show them the list and ask if these products can do the job. Your hairstylist may like the products you already have as much as the ones he or she is now recommending.

3) Ladies, keep in mind that product companies know that hairstylists sometimes get bored of the same old products. They are human and can easily be taken in by new packaging and smells. So the product companies keep making new products to excite the hairstylist, even though they may not be significantly different or better than the old ones. And where do you think those new products will end up? On your vanity (or sink top), if many stylists have their ways! My lovely ladies, chances are the product you already have can do the job.

Your hair is not going to combust if you don't change your products every month.

4) Keep in mind that it is a norm in our industry that hairstylists get a commission on product sales. “Oh no he did not just go there!” “Oh yes he did!” I know this because I once had HPPS (Hair product pimp syndrome) myself.

5) Shampoos and conditioners: Every woman should have one shampoo and one daily conditioner to suit her hair type. Sometimes it is recommended to get a second shampoo and alternate, especially if you use a lot of styling products and need to deep clean the hair once a week to remove buildup. If you have color treated hair then a hair mask is recommended.

6) Every lady should also have two or three styling products to maintain her hair type and style. Here are the products you should focus on for your hair type. (This will depend on whether you blow dry hair or not.) Keep in mind that my line up of products may not be for you. This is where your trusted hairstylist comes in.

Fine virgin hair: A product for volume and a hairspray.

Fine, dry, color-treated hair: Very light leave-in conditioner, a product for volume and a hairspray. Depending on how dry the hair is, a mask may be needed.

Medium hair texture, virgin: Mousse or liquid spray for hold, high-grade silicone for the ends, and hairspray.

Medium hair texture that is color-treated: Same as above, plus a light leave-in conditioner.

Medium hair texture, curly/frizzy: Curl cream and high-grade silicone for frizz. If you blow dry straight then you need a smoothing cream or smoothing polish, high grade silicone, and a finishing spray.

Thick coarse straight hair, virgin: Styling product for blow drying and a finishing cream or silicone.

Thick coarse hair, curly/frizzy: Curl cream and high-grade silicone for frizz. If you blow dry straight, you need a smoothing cream or smoothing polish, high-grade silicone and a finishing spray. A hair mask is also highly recommended!

The focus should be on the client’s hair care needs first, rather than what's in their pockets. As a hairstylist, it is my job to help your hair look great and teach you how to maintain the cut/style. It is also my job to suggest products that you need to support your hair type and your hair cut or color.

Ladies, I hope this was helpful! I wish you the absolute best for your pursuit of the most fabulous hair products, without breaking the bank!

The editing of this blog was done by Camile Lamb of the Perfect Words,Ink.


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