Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hairstylists and clients, this is what happens when we all collaborate and share valuable information on new hair products that do not live up to expectations. I'm talking about Loreál Inoa hair color, and to think I only just mentioned this product in My last article.

As we all know, they launched a few years ago with "celebrity hairstylists," making claims that it was the best thing since stilettos!! Sadly, we the consumers felt differently.

Now I'm excited to say that they have taken Inoa back to the drawing board. She's been revamped and the re-launch is around the corner.

So what's new about new Inoa?

Children, as you know, I'm not about the scientific details; I'm about the delivery, the outcome and the va-voom! But what I do know is that the redesigned Inoa system is simpler for me and my comrades to use. The colors are better and the fading has been reduced. All in all, we can deliver to our clients a product that's safer on the scalp, hair, and nose, and that works better than the previous version.

So if you're inclined to try a color that’s better for your hair, come see us and try this new “Inoa-vation” for yourself!

So what does this mean for the other colors that we use?

Well, to change your hair color brand is always a decision between you and your hairstylist. We will first determine if your hair needs can be met with Inoa. There’s no need to get rid of all the other hair colors. Variety is the spice of life baby!

Yours truly,

Antonio Gonzales

The editing of this blog was done by Camile Lamb of the Perfect Words,Ink.


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