Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At Home Hair Color Gone Wrong

I was recently speaking to a group of women at a shelter on hair color where an important question came up. The question was why is it so difficult to get good results from an off-the-shelf box of hair color? Great question!

I asked, how many times have we seen our favorite celebrity running across the TV with bouncy, super shiny hair...happy as if she just won the lotto. These commercials claim that "this new revolutionized hair color is easy to use, foolproof and packed with ingredients fit for a juicer," leaving women feeling fabulous and secure enough for the runway.

In real life, customers who purchase the same box of the hair color often experience dramatically differing results. After the color is applied, following the box directions, customers often find themselves sporting red roots, black ends and left feeling very insecure...wondering what the hell went wrong?
Ladies beware. Getting the perfect hair color is very difficult from a box that shows a picture of a color and contains two bottles. Have you ever seen a professional approach you about your desired color?

We ask questions like... Do you want more gold, warm or cool, ashy tones? Do you have gray hair? Have you ever colored your hair? Did you apply a permanent or demi-permanent treatment? How often do you color your hair? Have you ever had a relaxer or a perm? We then assess if the hair is fine, coarse, healthy or dry.  
Sadly most of these questions are not on a box of hair color.
As hairstylists we make lots of money fixing hair color for clients that first tried it at home. For the women fortunate enough to afford us, they can go to a salon in hopes of looking and feeling normal again.

But what about the women (like the ones in shelters) who have no way of getting their hair fixed? Usually their only option is to go and buy another box of color and make a bad color worse. What started off being a good idea has now left a consumer unhappy with no one to blame, while the parent company gets richer.

Ladies all I can say is, it's a case of russian roulette here. You may be very unhappy if you do, or left feeling dull if you don't.

Stay tuned for my next installment of, "How to survive a box of hair color!"


Andrea said...

Where is the next 'installment'??? Lost! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Danke sehr für Deinen Einblick in das Thema und deine Erfahrung.

Bei den meisten Seren ist es natürlich eine persönliche Ansichtssache und da
muss bekanntlich jede Frau schauenwelches Wimpernserum sie verwenden möchte.
Ich teile deinen Post auf Facebook und , mal sehen wie meine Freunde das sehen.

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