Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blondes And Breakage

More and more I'm seeing women suffer from hair loss and it's effecting all age groups. When it comes to blondes who are too blonde, it almost always leads to major breakage and hair loss. Blondes have more fun, but at what cost?

Women who are obsessed with being blonde usually end up with major breakage. The problem is so widespread, it is now even affecting teenage girls. How could teenage girls be losing their hair already and who is to blame?

If we start pointing fingers, everyone is guilty, from hairstylists, parents and the media to the clients themselves.

What causes hair breakage for blondes?
*Highlighting too often
*Having fine hair that can not withstand bleach
*Using too much heat when being processed

*Poor beauty regimen when it comes to looking after their hair
*Doing keratin too often on bleached hair
*Using the wrong brushes, combs and clips
*Too many heat-related tools on their bleached hair
The list is endless…Once hair starts breaking, they are unable to style it, so they instead start getting frequent blowouts. If that's not enough to keep them looking perfect (in their eyes) they then resort to extensions at any cost (literally)...
I can safely say that damaged hair and extensions are not a good combination. Especially when your sales man is the one above:)

Parents beware not to pass on your bad habits to your kids. If a young girl is pushed too soon into coloring her hair, it could turn into a disaster waiting to happen...not only for her hair but it could leave her with a lack of self-esteem, leaving her to depend on her appearance.

How can I treat hair breakage?
Consider going back to a natural brown color, at least until your hair is healthy again.
Avoid having it colored too often and opt for a more natural blond than a Christina Aguilera look (which is all extensions and wigs anyway).

Ask your hairstylist to avoid putting you under any hooded hair dryers. Heat speeds up the process and leaves the hair stylist with little damage control.

Avoid overuse of flatirons and curling irons

Do regular oil treatments and hair masks
Your image is important, but not enough to lose your hair. For additional questions, please feel free to write for more tips.


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