Friday, December 21, 2012

Consignment Shops In NYC

I'm so eager and excited to share with my clients, friends and readers the recent opening of Diamonds & Cole, a consignment clothing store located at 22 Greenwich Ave West Village. The hours are Monday -Saturday from12-7pm and Sunday from 12-6pm.
Diamonds & Cole is a dream come true. It's a beautiful store, well-organized where each garment is easy to find. The selection is amazing with a wide assortment of clothing for both men and women.
Here is a quick Q&A with owner Daniel with more information on his store.

What are the different brands you carry?

Some of the different brands that we have at moment include Hermes, Marni, Gucci, Chanel, Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons, Fendi, Chloe, Margiela, Lanvin and Prada among others.
I noticed your selection of clothing are in great condition and I loved the pieces. Who is in charge of choosing the pieces to sell?

The general selection for the store is done by me - however, the quality of the merchandise is dependent on the consignors I have. And I'm terribly lucky to have great consignors with exquisite taste!
What advice do you have for people who are wanting to sell their pieces through you?

There are several things to consider when consigning pieces with Diamonds & Cole, or anywhere else:

1.  Most consignment is done seasonally, so unfortunately you have to decide what you want to sell before the season starts - no waiting to see what you wear and then try to sell it.  I suggest that at the end of every season you edit your wardrobe, create a "sell" bin and hold it until the appropriate season starts.
 2.  Everything should be dry cleaned or professionally laundered before being brought in for sale.
3.  If you're wondering if you should let go of certain pieces the answer is probably yes!  Your gut is always right - if your immediate reaction is "I can't sell it" then don't, otherwise it's probably time to let it go!

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