Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Soft Modern Wave

If you read my post a few years ago titled, "Stop the fake curls and waves," I made it very clear what was out and what was on its way in for 2013. Today I want to share another technique around creating waves...one that's very old yet new to some.

I was on a photo shoot with a makeup artist and a photographer recently and we decided to create a soft, playful look for our young Brazilian model. Because it was a relaxed shoot and our model had long, beautiful hair, I felt that this technique would be perfect. Check out my short video on how to create these waves along with some images of the finished look. 

 To prep the hair I used PhytoVolume Actif and a PhytoKeratine. The iron I used is the T3 Body Waver, which has now become my favorite iron.

It's definitely a softer approach to the old barrel curl waves we've been seeing for way too long!


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