Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Hair Trend 2013

Finally after years of blogging about a trend (actually a fad) that was way past it's due date, it's a relief to see it finally go away. I am talking about waves, not just any wave but waves that Kim Kardashian wore to death! This style started over 15 years ago but was made hugely popular in the past three years.
Thank god there were many versions of that "wave" that had more of a messy slept in look. However the KK version ruled the streets.

Moving on to bigger and better trends... ladies get ready for hair that's modern, that has a different kind of wave and is equally as sexy. This wave technique is not done with a curling iron, brush or rollers, so forget about all the bounce from the previous look. It is done with a flatiron...yes that's right.


Its actually not a "new trend", Orlando Pita has been doing it for many years and recently shared it with a room full of hairstylists at fashion week. It was challenging for most...

Please keep in mind its a wave with the flatiron, not a curl with the flatiron... Big difference!!
 It's not easy to do either as it takes serious skill.  ! The other advantage is that it can also be worn with a side part, center part or 
 all back. So you're not a slave to the middle part. 

So if you're tired of the KK curls but still want movement, this look is for you.

Ladies, lets celebrate the latest new trends, sexy hair and a fab fall!!


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