Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lets All Celebrate The Beauty In Helping Each Other

Growing up in Trinidad, I was raised by a single mom. She did her best to get me to school and put a hot meal on the table. Because of this experience, I can say that I know the struggles that comes with the lack of a father figure and how difficult it is for one woman to hold a family together.
I am very excited to share with you my first workshop with single mothers in shelters. I hope to do this every three weeks. My goal is to first hand, work with women (and their children) through workshops. My approach is "beauty from the inside out," teaching them that individuality is a woman's strongest asset.
I will be providing education on their personal haircare, as well as preparing them for the work place. My aim is to also bring a high quality of hair services to these women who are facing struggles and may not have the funds to have their hair done.

But I need your help. I would love to give each person a gift bag of goodies. If anyone has access to any type of makeup, hair products, samples of skincare, new books, or anything you think could be added to the gift bag, please message me. You can even put the gift bags together and deliver them to the shelter and I will gladly give them out during the workshop. Or I will be very happy to collect them and disperse them myself.
I hope to make these sessions memorable and your help will bring smiles and faith to these ladies.

Remember, Individuality is a women's strongest asset. Together let's share with women and help them find their inner beauty.

Thanks and have a great day!!


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