Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Mistakes Clients Make When Looking For The Best Salon

 I often get questions from readers asking how they should go about looking for a new salon. Being a hairstylist in a salon 5 days a week I thought it would be helpful for me to keep these tips in mind as well.

So here are some tips on your search for your next fabulous hairstylist.

1) The fancier the salon, the better it is.

You've heard of “smoke and mirrors?” Well in this case, it’s more like “smoke and chandeliers.” It is important to remember that the purpose of a hair salon is to provide you with a clean, professional environment and the best hair service possible. When you leave the salon, you should feel inspired and happy with your hair.
 A great hair salon should be able to sell itself with or without the experience of a boutique hotel. It depends on the client, do you want to pay for a quality haircut and also pay for the champagne, tea and crumpets? If that's what you're looking for, then please enjoy. But don’t let those little perks distract you from getting what you truly want from your salon – great hair!!!

2) You should go to a salon because someone who works there is advertised as a celebrity hairstylist.

Please keep in mind that the one sure way for us hairstylists to get more attention is to say we have touched a celebrity. When this happens, we are instantly pushed into another dimension. This puts us in the public eye and allows us to charge more.

 Having had the opportunity to work on the occasional celebrity has been a wonderful experience, and yes, it has helped my career. However, I'm not a “celebrity hairstylist,” and yes, that is a disclaimer! LOL! (I do work for one though.)

If you are looking for a celebrity hairstylist experience that will knock your shoes off, then I encourage you to pursue that. There are many to choose from, but do your research. People may advertise themselves as such, but many may not have touched a celebrity for many years. While living in Miami for the last year, I met so many “celebrity hairstylists” that I had never heard of, I couldn’t even keep count! Remember, celebrity stylists aren’t supposed to award themselves that status; if they have earned it, the public will give them the title.

3) You should seek a "celebrity experience" ( be treated like a celebrity) when you get your hair done.

To be honest, if you are not a celebrity, then your haircut can’t be a "celebrity experience." (I crack myself up.) And what does that mean anyway? Ladies, you deserve the best because you are fabulous individuals, each with assets that only you possess. The experience you deserve entails getting great hair, respect, your money’s worth, and a hairstylist that will tell you the truth, rather than someone who will think of your wallet first.

4) A referral from a friend is a guarantee that you’ll love the salon too.

I will say that I love my dentist, my doctor, and my personal trainer, but that does not mean any one of them is right for you. My clients love me, but that does not mean I'm right for all of their friends either. I recommend taking a referral from someone who has similar hair, especially if your hair is curly, fine, or short. And even then, remember that a referral is no guarantee you’ll love the place or the stylist, though it is a step in the right direction.

Another important aspect of your salon experience, apart from your being happy with your hair, is the connection between you and the hairstylist. Let's face it: it's a relationship in the making, so the vibe between you and your potential stylist is important.

You may also find a hairstylist that you can hardly bear to be around, but who gives you kick-ass results. In that case, it's for you to decide whether or not your hair is worth the headache. Before seeing the recommended hairstylist, go in for a consultation. Your first impression will probably tell you what you need to know before you decide whether or not to proceed with that particular pro.

5) You found a salon had great reviews on an online search engine, so they’ll obviously give you great hair.

Okay, this one is the best of all! Rumor has it that some hairstylists ask their friends to write reviews for them online. It's hilarious! Once upon a time, strong online reviews were a great thing. Then it started working against hair stylists – particularly the ones with overblown online reviews – because clients’ equally inflated expectations were not being met. I always say, the proof is in the pudding. You need to see it and taste it for yourself to know how good it is.

So with these tips in mind, stay strong during your search for a great stylist and love your hair baby!!


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