Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015

The last show this season on our lineup was Michael Kors. I always look forward to the casual, slept-in look we create for him, even though it’s never that easy. ;)

Yes it was a loose braid, but it had to be the right texture. It had to have a wave, but not an intentional wave. It should not resemble a bridesmaid-style braid!

I laughed when Orlando said that!

Orlando's new product, Lift and Plump Volumizing Spray Mist helped to achieve the texture and his Revive Dry Shampoo finished the look. What a great combo!!

Thanks to #Quentonjay (on instagram) for this photo of Orlando Pita conducting a hair orchestra! 


Debbie Lai said...

Congratulations Antonio! Keep living your passion! Blessings and Love always <3

Ereeamazing said...

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