Saturday, September 6, 2014

Orlando Pita's Lift & Plump Volumizing Spray Mist

Well I recommend Orlando Pita’s Lift & Plump Volumizing Spray Mist (Professional Salon Quality). A product that truly works, it's affordable, smells pleasant and does not leave hair a sticky mess. I use this on all my clients who need volume and texture.
I’m tired of magazines that recommend both the high-end product and then a sub-standard version that’s cheaper or more “affordable.” This product appeals to every budget and is used across the board both professionally and for at-home use. What can I say…Lift & Plump is all-inclusive!

 Here are my personal tips on how to best apply Orlando’s latest hair product.
 First, I spray the mist to a section of hair at the root, blow dry it, then apply it to the next section. However, if you have lots of hair you can spray this mist throughout instead of just applying as you go.

For a more textured look for long to medium-length hair (that’s also thick), here's my recommendation. Once I’ve finished blow drying everything, I lightly mist the product on each section. Then I twist those sections using the heat from my fingers. It roughs up the finish a bit. For added volume after drying, I sometimes turn a client’s head upside down and rough dry. But only if it's appropriate for the finish I'm aiming for.

It's important to remember when you are using any volume-enhancing product, to apply the product at the root and spend enough time drying the root area. Don't spend all your time drying the ends…drying the root area is vital to getting volume.

Orlando Pita’s Lift & Plump Volumizing Spray Mist (Professional Salon Quality) is available at Costco in the “Beauty’s Most Wanted” section, at and at


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