Sunday, January 27, 2008

AFG's Guide to NYC: PULL-IN

I'm always trying to find the newest ideas on the market when it comes to fashion. When ever I travel to Europe I do a lot of research then as well. While walking through SoHo in New York looking for fierce shoes, I stumbled upon a great find and am excited to share it with you.

Let's be real guys like to have fun with their under garments as well! So guys and girls, check out another of my favorite finds!

PULL-IN the revival of the underwear.

The underwear : a new market or additional fashion accessory? That’s what we can wonder, by observing the increase of these products in stores. As leaders in this market, the brand PULL-IN has imposed its originality and superior quality for the past seven years.

The PULL-IN headquarters, located in Hossegor (the French South West Coast surf haven) is not completely by chance. Indeed, after a surf contest during the summer of 2000, Emmanuel LOHEAC (PULL-IN creator) entered in partnership with 3 friends to put into effect a project he had in his mind for long time. With less than $1,000, they created the company that today is at the forefront of the fashion underwear industry. PULL-IN proposed underclothing for women and men, under an "high-tech and tendency" influence accomplishing what no other surf, fashion or street-wear brand had previously attempted.

During these few years of existence, PULL-IN has known how to experiment with innovation without compromising the quality of their underclothing. This has all been done while working with more technical materials (like the microfiber Lycra by Dupont de Nemours) to get a design, comfort and a maximum sturdiness. The creativity of the printed papers form remains the identity of the brand and its concept; nevertheless the roll out of the range towards basic products is like a need to develop more traditional markets like that of the trendy concept stores.


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