Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello Everyone!

I first want to wish all of my friends and clients a Happy New Year! Thank you for your love and support for the past year, and also for being so inspirational in many aspects of my business. I must admit, it was fun to experience the growth of my business with my clientele. I want to especially acknowledge all of my loyal clients that have stayed with me over the past seven years in New York!

I wanted to say a special thanks to one of my biggest sources of inspiration this year (and past years), Eva Scrivo. For those of you who don't know that story of how Eva and I met, well...

After complaining to a very close friend, Peter (and some of my other clients) about the inconsistency of the service in the salon world, Peter said to me, "Well, I can only help you so much. You need advice from someone you admire about what your next step should be."

I had read an article about Eva and decided that she was on to something great. I had hoped that she would hear my cries and give me a sense of direction for my career. So, I marched into her salon, asked to speak with a manager, and this beautiful woman said, "My name is Eva, I am the owner. How can I help you?"

Well, it was love at first sight! Eva not only listened, but cared and gave me her best advice...then hired me!

Working with Eva has given me a platform to do what I love most, as well as provide an endless source of skill, business building tools, a great employer and most importantly a friend.

I want to thank you, Eva Scrivo and to wish you and Arik Efros all the best on our fabulous new salon on Bond Street and on the moving of our Hudson Street location to the heart of the Meat Packing District (a few blocks away).

Thanks guys!

I am excited to offer a place for my clients and future clients to view my weekly happenings in the salon as well as updated information, photos and some of my favorite links.

You are more than welcome to join in on my discussions. If you have any beauty challenges, please feel free to post your questions or comments, and I will be more than happy to answer them.



Tiffany Maldonado said...

So, what is the most popular style that everyone is asking for these days? I just went and asked my stylist for a cross between Rhianna and Katie Holmes. It came out very cute!! Nice blog by the way. = )

My Fashion Blog

antonio gonzales said...

I'm still getting a lot of requests for bobs, but I have been adjusting them to suit hair texture and face shapes, this is important because if someone has a short neck and a round face you do not want to give a heavy round bob falling at the chin line.
I have been using the flat iron or mason pearson brush more than usual for sections just below the tip of the ear ( lots of women are still hooked to the round brush :( )
Surprisingly many of the late bloomers are asking for heavy bangs! I find myself having to work towards personalizing each cut since clients are bringing in various photo of what they want. By the way when you spoke about your hair, was cute what you were aiming for??


Adela said...

Hi Antonio! (now that I worked out which button to press for the blog to work).
thank you so much for wonderful hair experiences - hair looking gorgeous and everyone loves it! For the first time in my life they're telling me to dance with it down instead of up!
Tell me when you'll be back in Europe if you know :-)
Have a geat 2008!

the-girl-who-misses-home said...

Hello, Antonio.
I am immensely grateful to have discovered your exceptional blog. Thank you for making your skill and expertise available to those of us living hundreds of miles away. I'm in need of your valuable input. I naturally have medium brown mousey fine hair. I've been dying it for several years. I don't think that my hair is a legitimate level 2. It's not perfectly black. Though it is very dark, a cast of light will reveal a reddish brown tone. I don't want my hair to be gothic black, though I do want to keep it dark. In fact, I would like it to be darker than it is now. I'm considering dying my hair myself using Goldwell Topchic 2N. But again, I don't want gothic black hair. I love super dark, almost black. Something rich. I love something that, at first glance, appears to be black but then is found to have a warm brown hue when light is cast upon it. Would you recommend mixing 2N with other colors? Or, perhaps, you would steer me away from 2N all together. I've had my hair done twice since moving to this new city. I miss my old stylist. He was passionate about hair. I haven't encountered that sort of passion in this area. That said, I feel more comfortable attempting this coloring challenge on my own, with your trusted expertise. I'll be looking forward to reading your recommendations. Thank you for taking the time. Blessings to you.

antonio gonzales said...

Great question ! OK let's get down to business here , first of all for get the 2n it's really black and yes Goldwell is a great color !! Because your hair is fine I would actually use 10 volume not 20 volume, why ? 10 volume will allow what ever color you choose to last longer since it has better depositing qualities ,20 volume will allow for some lift and deposit the lift we don't need unless we are covering grey  (are you grey ? ) . lets talk about the choice of color , since we are using 10 volume we can use a lighter color  and get beautiful richness . So I recommend using 3n mixed with 4g and 10 volume ( equal amounts )  for 30 minutes , the G (gold ) will give you the hint of warmth that you want .

Start with the roots first for 15 minutes than apply through the ends for 10 minutes , you want to separate the application because the root ( re-growth ) are a different color and the ends already have pigment deposited  so you don't want them to be too dark . Comb the color through for even application. If its not dark enough next time use 3N and 3G with 10 volume , from my experience it will be dark enough with gorgeous warmth.

Please let me know if you have ant other questions and have fun.


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