Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hair Mishaps & How To Fix It: Part III

How can you be really sure that you and your stylist are on the same page about the right color of your new desired blonde to brunette transformation? I feel that the key to this is educating the client. Some may feel that this is too much information to give to their clients. I think not! I talk in depth with my clients about techniques and products using language that is basic enough for them to understand. If I feel that the client's knowledge is about average on hair color, I open the door to get them a bit more involved in the process. Actually, clients who have been color treating their hair for some time can bring valuable info to the process.

Some educators/ stylists feel that you should not get the client too involved. Oh, yes I do agree to some extent, but there must be some interaction here.

The days of "diva" hair stylist that were almost unreachable and of clients only speaking when they were spoken to are gone!

I want my clients to be educated enough to ask smart questions and to appreciate the value of my service and commitment to beautiful hair.


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