Sunday, January 27, 2008


I am lucky to be living in NYC the Mecca of trends for both hair and fashion. Needless to say, my eyes and ears are always open to new twists and flavors. I am also lucky to have a great relationship with clients in every industry; as we serve as an inspiration to one another. One of my on-going sources for men's hair inspiration is Chris Carrabba of the Dashboard Confessionals. Everytime he sits in my chair it's a great collaboration of ideas for cuts. As he tours the world, he brings to my chair fresh ideas. We play with them; adding the final personal touch to make it his own style.

My recent fashion influence has come from the blend of bright colors from American Apparel v-neck t-shirts (and/or hoodies) with my very classic Hugo Boss or Zegna suits for work. For example, taking a black suit, adding a purple hoodie with nothing underneath and fierce sneakers by Ed Hardy or designer Pumas. For me, it's really about keeping it interesting enough to want to get dressed; while actually having fun.

I've also recently started shopping at vintage stores for jewelry as well. This is a great way to give new life to the classic suit.

One of my favorite things is to wear a tuxedo pant with a great pair of patent leather shoes, chunky jewelry and a v-neck t-shirt by American Apparel. So, from the waist down I am dressed to kill and from the waist up I'm comfortable and sexy (at least I think so...). Another of my favorite magazines for inspiration is "V Man". There is always something fresh for hair and fashion.


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