Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was on a business trip recently when I found myself doing what a lot of us do at the airport -- people watching. There is always something to see. From the badly behaved child to the drama at the airline counter, to little Missy flight attendant swishing with her little suitcase thinking she looking fierce -- and let's not forget tons and tons of bad hair. At that point I asked myself, why is there always so much bad hair at the airport? It does not matter which city you're in, even in the fashion capitol of the world, bad hair is alive and kicking. From bad up-dos that look like they were freshly plucked from the 80's, to bobs that look like they were cut with a butter knife, it can all be so upsetting! And lets not talk about curls. I know the bigger the hair the closer to God, but honey let the exorcism begin. I saw some curly do's that were plain old satanic.

Men, you're guilty too; I can't believe that even after all this time you still think you're fooling somebody with a comb-over. The G.I. Joe cut should be G.I. GONE and the plague of the mullet is still evident. The next problem is hair color. Mommy why do stylists still feel the need to give clients big old chunks of colors in red and blond? (I asked with a puzzled look on my face) Let's face it -- its wrong for a client of any age, male or female. I'll have to close with the worst of all, and that¹s the Long hair past the waist that has not been cut in 10 years. The myth of your hair is your beauty is just that a myth. Having hair with 10 inches at the ends that look like your dog Snoopy had a smoke of kitty litter and attacked our hair is just not acceptable. I wish that one day that people the world over would get together and join
hands to eradicate the plague of bad hair (do I hear a kumbaya)?

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