Tuesday, August 26, 2008


From Crispy to Crisp?

You can feel it in the air. Now that we are in the middle of September, the evenings are starting to cool down bringing that first hint of fall. You may still be in Margaritaville, with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand, but it's time to start thinking about your transformation from crispy to crisp! This is when we think about converting that bronzed skin, sun-bleached hair and flapping flip flops to a more sophisticated fall vibe. Now is the time to book an appointment with your favorite hair stylist (can you say Antonio) personal shopper or all around fashion friend (in this case, me) and prepare yourself for the new season.

Here are a few items on my list for fall. I love the winter floral prints I'm seeing, especially on dresses. These are lightweight and the perfect transition piece.

Milly floral dress

Many are sleeveless which will allow for layering of a thin long-sleeve knit or t -shirt underneath. This will create a more modern appeal and provide versatility for the unpredictable temperatures during the fall. As the weather gets cooler, add some tights and booties or boots to extend the look. Invest in anything with a military cut. Numerous designers, including Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Alice & Olive highlighted in the picture below, have great coats and blazers this season spotlighting this trend.

Alice & Olivia Trench

Upgrade your handbag but not with another black one. Instead, try one in a color or a colored skin. Within the dark color palette generally found in fall fashion, adding a touch of vibrant color with a handbag or shoe is an instant style maker.

Foley & Corinna

I love the fall. Everyone is back in the City and well-rested from their summer vacation. There is wonderful energy in the air. If your hectic social calendar is preventing you from finding the best looks for fall, I would love to help pull everything together for you!

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